The Willow Girls

Willow Shoes is a unique and beautiful collection of women who love long shoes

Willow Shoes is a rare and well loved shoe store run by positive and mostly tall women who are passionate about our long shoes. We're a natural and genuine team who will make you feel at ease about your feet, no matter what your size. This is one unique thing we all have in common - our long feet. A real life understanding about the fit and feel of all our shoes creates excitement among us and a passion for our quality shoes and brands. Every woman at Willow Shoes will inspire you to at last enjoy your shoes. We will do anything for you and we'll remember you. We love Willow Shoes passionately, and want you to enjoy your experience with us and love the shoes you choose.

If you shop in our online store and just need a little extra us or pick up the phone and call any one of the knowledgeable women at any of our stores.

For an experience of a lifetime...plan a visit to one of our retail stores in New Zealand. From the moment you walk in, our spacious shoe filled shelves will take your breath away and you'll get a welcoming smile. Once the first pair is brought out, you won't look back and you'll be able to take your time time and play, try new things, and get to know your feet while making your selection. Our stores are all in the suburbs. This destination style is great for parking and means it's just us you'll see and our amazing selection of shoes and boots. We'll get to know you and your feet and you will now enjoy a seamless and exciting shoe shopping experience forever.