Willow Shoes for Good

Our goal is to make long size women's shoes more accessible

Finding a pair of shoes to fit can be very limited and difficult when you have long feet unless you can shop at Willow Shoes. We have seen many women transform inside and out with a pair of shoes that fit comfortably and make them feel good. There is a glow and a beautiful confidence that shines through.

We also know there are many women who are not able to shop in our stores for new shoes in their size. Through our connection with you and community organisations, we aim to help share surplus or pre-loved long size shoes to more women in our communities and spread that Willow glow.   Read on to find out how you can be a part of this change.

Donating shoes to Dress for Success

We have always encouraged support of Dress for Success and given 100's of surplus or pre-loved shoes to this wonderful charity 20 years. Our concern is the thought of a woman who has asked Dress for Success for help and may get a long way through the mentoring and dressing process and then be unable to fit any of the shoes they have available on their racks of donated goods. This moment will likely deflate her emerging confidence and could negatively impact her success.

Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional clothing, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and life. Through their free program of creating a CV, building interview skills and providing presentable clothing and shoes, they help support their clients to get back into the workforce.  All this support creates a genuine confidence boost to help her take the first step towards economic independence that will have a positive and economic influence on her family & community. 

  To find  out how you can support this great organisation and find a local Dress for Success office in a city or town near you, visit their global website below, select your affiliate country and locate your nearest branch link.


Willow Glow Facebook Group


This is a new initiative we launched in May 2020. 
JOIN our Willow GLOW Facebook group and FIND, GIVE or TRADE your surplus or pre-loved long size women's shoes to others with long feet.  Finding shoes when you have long feet is a wonderful feeling and brings a special glow. We recognise not everyone is able to buy new shoes from our store and that many of our customers have shoes they would love to pass on or sell to someone else.  This is a non-profit group that connects anyone wanting to find long size women's shoes and simply makes it easier for shoes to be found. Group members make arrangements with each other in the spirit of giving and making someone glow. 


We'll be hosting a 'Trade for Good'  week in all our stores during WINTER 2020. Join our email list to find out when.

 Look out for this fun event ...we'll ask you to bring a presentable pair of pre-loved size 10+ shoes into any one of our stores and when you make a purchase of a new pair we'll give you a credit on your purchase. Your shoes will then be donated to various Dress for Success branches. And if you prefer to simply donate your shoes and waive the discount, we'll 'donate' your credit value instead.

To find out when this is happening you'll need to join our email list.