We’re passionate about you feeling comfortable in the right size shoes from day one. And even more passionate about you feeling fabulous wearing them - inside and out.


  • FEEL NO MORE PAIN – we never want you to compromise on size again. Painfully small shoes will be a thing of the past and the right fit will now be your focus. We are all about getting the right length for your foot and won’t ever let you buy a shoe that’s too small or painful. It’s time to love your feet and look after them for good. Ask for a bigger size...because you can!
  • FEEL LOVE FOR YOUR FEET – you may think your feet are a problem that can't be solved and feel concerned about or ashamed about how they look. We promise to change that feeling for ever. We always care, we always try harder to find a shoe that will fit comfortably and we always make sure you love how you look and feel. We’ve seen and fitted all kinds of feet – wide, narrow, high instep, orthotics, veins, bunions and bumps to name a few. We know our shoes and will solve the shoe puzzle with you.  
  • FEEL CONFIDENT SHOPPING ONLINE – love them or just send them back. We know shopping online can feel risky when you’re unsure about your size. We have a ‘no questions’ money back guarantee. We don’t need any special reasons. All you do is follow a few simple instructions enclosed with each online order and you’ll be refunded quickly.
We will happily refund or exchange your shoes when you return them In Original Condition | In Original Packaging | With your Receipt | and Within 10 days. 


    • FEEL AT EASE IN OUR STORES - we are deliberately located in suburban destination locations in Auckland and Christchurch so you can purposefully park and then shop in peace. We understand that some days you need to shop and some days you just want to have a look. Our beautiful stores are a comfortable place designed for you to relax in. Even our tall mirrors and spacious seating is there to create room for our taller customers. You’ll avoid all the hassles of the high street bustle and can enjoy our friendly positive community instore.
    • FEEL OUR ‘JUST LIKE YOU’ SERVICE - when you visit our stores or get in touch with us online, you’ll be greeted by someone who understands your shoe struggle too, because everyone at Willow Shoes has long feet like you. We won't bat an eyelid when you tell us your size and will also tell you ours if you like! Ask us anything, including doing a try on and sending a pic if that’s what it takes to help.

    • FEEL LUCKY TO HAVE LONG FEET – it’s an ironic thing to hear at first, when you’ve probably despised shoe shopping and spent hours going to multiple shoe stores and found absolutely nothing that fits. Not anymore. Our store will change your life and make your friends envious of you having such a great one stop shop. We will get to know you, your feet and your style. We’ll sometimes call when something special arrives too. Our range is extensive, we try to have something for every style. You’re going to love shoe shopping more than you ever thought possible.
    • FEEL EXCITED ABOUT SHOE SHOPPING...LIKE YOUR FRIENDS DO! Warning! Your shoe wardrobe may get out of control now you have choice and you’re allowed to be fussy ok! No more buying shoes that don’t fit and never wearing them, no more shop assistants that couldn’t care less and no more customers staring at your feet making you fell odd.  Everything about our store is about you. The longer mirrors, the space, every single style on every shelf...it's in your size. No more back corner racks of boring shoes. Your first visit will probably overwhelm you with colour and choice beyond your wildest dreams. It will feel like you’re in a lolly shop.

    • FEEL GOOD ABOUT BUYING QUALITY – we purposefully select quality shoes that will last. We select and develop our shoe collections from trusted brands that focus on quality. Our shoe suppliers have grown to understand and respect our niche market and go the extra mile to create for us.  Our goal is to make more long shoes more accessible to more women. This good quality approach means that once you are done with your pair, we encourage you to pass them on to our preferred charity Dress for Success or sell them at an affordable price on our Willow Glow Community FB page to someone else like you with long feet.

    • FEEL THE EASE OF FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN NZ – we’re based in New Zealand with stores in Auckland and Christchurch. Offering free shipping is our way of making it as easy as we can for our customers down under to enjoy shoe shopping as much as their friends do.


    We look forward to making you feel the difference when you shop with us.