Listed below are some frequently asked questions and answers. Please feel free to contact us if what you need to know is not covered here.

What size should I order?

Every brand and design of shoe will vary in fit and size but if you can work out your typical shoe size it will help you decide what size to order and will help us advise you if you need assistance.

Step 1. Measure your foot length

Take a piece of paper that's long enough for your foot to fit on, butt the edge against a wall, place your heel (barefoot) on top of the paper and hard against the wall, then mark with a pen where your longest toe ends. Measure this length with a ruler. See which box your foot length falls into below and that is your typical shoe size.


NOTE: If your length is less than 26.75cm but you know you usually take size 10+ shoes that will be due to your foot being a bit wider and needing a larger size.

Step 2. Estimate your foot width

Manufacturers used to make shoes in A, B, C and D width fittings. Shoes are now made in just one width - usually B or C. You will notice this where we state the width in the descriptions of each style. B or C generally equates to Average or Wide but more on that below. For the moment select the statement that best describes your foot.

Narrow Your heel often slips out of shoes or you slip forward.
Average You fit most shoes easily and often get the same size.
Wide Shoes always feel firm, you often ask for a size up.
Extra Wide Shoes are always very tight, you often stretch your shoes.

You can now define your typical shoe size (eg: my typical shoe size is 11.5 Narrow, 10 Average, 12 Wide etc).

Step 3. Adjust your size depending on your foot width

If you are:
Narrow Order in the size you measured. Please also refer to our information below for narrow feet.
Average Order the size you measured.
Wide Order shoes ½-1 size larger than you measured. Please also refer to our information below for wide feet.
Extra Wide Order 1-2 sizes larger than you measured. Please also refer to our information below for wide feet.


I have narrow feet - what works best for me?

We understand it’s more of a challenge to find great-fitting shoes when you have narrow feet. It often helps if you can get in touch with us or visit one of our stores. We’re always willing to help and share our knowledge. Please phone us on 0800 145 890 or visit us (all stores open Monday–Saturday 10am–4pm). Alternatively you can get in touch with us by email. Here are some other tips: look for styles that can be adjusted – crossover straps, buckles, toggles, heel grips, elastic inserts and insoles can all help. Styles that come higher up the front of your foot often work better as you are less likely to walk out of them.

I have wide feet - what works best for me?

It’s amazing how many of our styles suit wide feet. Often all it takes is trying a half or even a whole size up in any style – you’ll be amazed how often this does the trick. Other tips include looking for shoes that can be let-out to provide a better fit - adjustable straps, buckles, toggles and zips can all help. Shoes and boots with V gussets often work well and can provide comfort where there is usually tightness. Look for good quality leathers that will mould to your feet. If you are unsure what size to order, please get in touch with us - we are always willing to share our knowledge and help you find the perfect pair of shoes.

Which long boots will fit my legs?

We all love a boot that fits like a glove - one that you put on and instantly fall in love with because it feels like it was made for you. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect pair. The width description is shown when you are browsing / shopping on our website. Happy hunting!

Slim / Medium: The boots are tailored. Best suited to a woman who normally wears New Zealand size 8-12 clothing.

Medium: The boots are a standard fitting. They may have elastic gussets and / or adjustment features (buckles, ties) to provide a more tailored or casual look. Best suited to a woman who normally wears New Zealand size 12-16 clothing.

Medium / Generous: The boots are designed for sporty calves and bigger legs. They may have elastic gussets and / or adjustment features (buckles, ties) to provide a neat fit. Best suited to a woman who normally wears New Zealand size 16+ clothing.

How do I check the fit of my shoes?


ALWAYS try shoes on carpet (to avoid marking the soles) in case you decide to return them.
Please only wear shoes for short periods to avoid making creases in the leather.

  1. Your toes should not touch the very end of the shoes when you stand up.
  2. You should be able to wiggle your toes a little.
  3. You should not feel increased numbness in your feet after about 5 minutes.
  4. Some firmness across the shoe is ok as it will usually ease.
  5. If the shoe is extremely tight and becomes more uncomfortable after 5 minutes then it is too small or narrow for you. Please Select ½ or 1 size larger to try.
  6. If you have narrow feet and have some minor heel slip you can ask us for a complimentary pair of heel grips.
Can you suggest an easy home pedicure for gorgeous summer feet?

1. Create a softening soak
Remove old polish, then pour a capful of a salt-based foot soak into a basin of warm water; submerge your feet for 10 minutes. The salt helps to soften skin and cuticles.

2. Cut and file
Use a clipper to trim your toenails straight across so they're about even with the top of your toes (leave just a hint of white tip). Next, use an emery board to softly round the outer edges of each nail.

3. Remove the rough stuff
Rub a pumice stone over callused spots. Next, massage on a thick exfoliating scrub to gently remove any remaining dead skin or use a foot file. Rinse with warm water.

4. Get all-over smooth
Lock in moisture by rubbing on a rich foot cream. Wrap your feet in gladwrap, pop your socks on and then go to bed.

5. Polish to perfection
Twist some tissues and put between toes, then apply a base coat. Dip the brush into your polish, and wipe off excess. Place brush in the middle of your nail at the cuticle line, and pull it toward the tip. Repeat on the sides, adding more polish, if needed. Finish with a top coat to prevent chips.

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What are your holiday hours?

All stores are CLOSED on New Zealand public holidays (listed below)

2018 Christmas / New Year
Like you, we love to take a break over Christmas and New Year. 
For 2018, our last day for in-store shopping is Saturday 22 December. 
All stores re-open on Thursday 3rd January.
Online orders - Please note that we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery so place your orders early. 

Online orders placed over the Christmas - New Year period will be processed when we re-open on Thursday 3rd January.

WAITANGI Day 6th February.
EASTER We are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. All stores are OPEN on the SATURDAY of Easter Weekend
ANZAC Day 25th April.
QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY First Monday in June.
LABOUR Day Third Monday in October.
CHRISTMAS Day 25th December and NEW YEAR 1st and 2nd January

Local stores are CLOSED on their Provincial Holiday Day but we are open on the Saturday of the weekend these anniversaries fall on.
Wellington Anniversary Day Third Monday in January. WELLINGTON store CLOSED.
Auckland Anniversary Day Fourth Monday in January. AUCKLAND and HAMILTON stores CLOSED.
Canterbury Anniversary Day Third Friday in November. CHRISTCHURCH store CLOSED.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes. Our 4 stores around New Zealand will completely amaze you. All are stunning, modern and filled with an extensive selection of shoes. We will help you in any way we can. Stores are open Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm.

Auckland: 113 Sandringham Road, Mt Eden Phone 09 845 3434

Wellington: 27c Waitoa Road, Hataitai Phone 04 920 1004

Christchurch: 97-99 Westminster Street Phone 03 355 5030

Hamilton: Queenwood Village, Queenwood Ave Phone 07 855 9621

Is there good parking at your stores?

Auckland – FREE PARKING is available right outside our store. If there is a big game on at Eden park (just up the road) and parking is limited, you are welcome to use our customer carparks at the back of our store accessed from Shaw Street. See the big green signs on the side of our building.

Wellington – FREE PARKING is available right outside our store.

Christchurch – FREE PARKING is available in Westminster Street just along from our store.

Hamilton - FREE PARKING is available right outside our store. Extra parking around the area means you can always extend your visit to include a coffee stop.

What if I order some shoes and they don't fit?

All shoes fit differently and sometimes its not easy to select the right size when ordering online. Phone any of our stores or the 0800 145 890 number for helpful advice from our staff. We are happy to help you with sizing and our "no problem" returns policy means you can return shoes for any reason and get an exchange or a refund. Please make sure they are packed up and returned to us within 10 days in original condition.

Do you make shoes to measure?

Willow Shoes is a retailer with four stores in New Zealand and an online shop. Sorry we do not make shoes to measure. If you have a style you would like us to try and find in a long size please send us a photo and we will see what we can do.

How do you measure heel heights?

Not everyone measures heel heights the same way. At Willow Shoes we use the industry standard which is to measure from the back of the heel. This gives the highest distance your heel is from the ground. The heel height is measured in centimetres (cm). If the shoe has a platform sole this is noted in the heel height information. The heel height information is displayed in the product description.

How can I pay for my shoes?

For online orders we accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and by internet banking (Account2Account). Our new internet banking option is fast, secure and easy to use - instant payment from you to Willow Shoes means we can get your order to you even faster than before!

Can I pay by Laybuy?

Yes. Laybuy lets you receive your purchase now and spread the total cost over 6 weekly automatic payments. For more information, and to register go to www.laybuy.com Please note: Laybuy is only available within New Zealand at this stage..

Will I get a refund?

At Willow Shoes we are very happy to give you a refund for the shoe price when you return shoes to us. We don't need any special reasons, all we ask is the shoes are returned in original condition and within 10 days of your purchase.

Can I return shoes if I just don't like them?

Absolutely. You can return shoes for any reason as long as they are in original condition and returned within our 10 day return period. We appreciate you only trying shoes on carpet and wearing for short periods until you have made your decision.

Do you have seasonal sales?

Yes! - and you don’t want to miss them! To get advance notice of our sales, put your name on our mailing list. All our sales are available in store and on our website. We also have shoes and boots at clearance prices all year round on our website and in store.

What is it like in your stores?

You will love visiting us. Everyone at Willow has long feet like you. You will feel completely at ease once you have gathered yourself together after the excitement of seeing so many divine shoes in one place! The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and not at all pushy. We want to help and we want you to enjoy "playing” with shoes. We want you to find something that looks good and feels comfortable. Customers chat and help one another because we are all there for the same reason!

What are the delivery charges for online orders?

FREE delivery for orders in New Zealand.
FREE delivery for orders to Australia.
For delivery charges to worldwide destinations please see the shopping cart - the charge will depend on where you are and how many pairs you are ordering.
All orders placed through this website are shipped from New Zealand.
Any import duties and/or taxes are the responsibility of the recipient in the destination country.

How does Click & Collect work?

With Click & Collect you buy online but collect your order from one of our stores. When you're placing your order you simply select "Click & Collect" and choose the store you'd like to collect your order from. After we have received your order we will contact you to let you know when it will be ready to collect. If the style(s) you have ordered is in stock at your selected store you may even be able to collect it the same day.

What if my size is not available for the style I want?

If your size does not show when you are choosing a particular style and colour, it means we have sold out. However we sometimes get shoes returned so we run a waiting list service. If you would like to go on our waiting list for a particular style, please contact us. We will need to know the style code, colour and size you want and your contact details and we will contact you if your choice becomes available. You are not obliged to buy them if we call you and there is no guarantee we can get the shoes but you can be sure we will call if they become available.

Do you offer layby?

Yes! It's extremely exciting when you see lots of beautiful shoes that fit well and feel great. We know you don't want to wait and possibly miss out on a pair. Our layby is 2 months and with a minimum deposit and regular fortnightly payments you will have your shoes in no time. Laybys can be set up for your selections by contacting us on 0800 145 890, from overseas you can call +64 9 8453434 or you can visit one of our stores. TIP: Save your choices to your Wish List when shopping online. Then either email us a screen shot to info@willowshoes.com and request layby or give us a call on 0800 145 890.

What shoes are available in size 13?

There are several brands that regularly make shoes for us in size 13. Use our search by size option to see what's available in your particular size. As we stock brands in New Zealand and European sizes make sure you click on both (say size 13 and size 46) so you can see the whole range in your size. Please also feel free to ask us for additional information.

What does "Backorder now" mean?

When a style availability says "Back Order Now" it means the shoe style has not yet arrived but we can "book" a pair for you and send it when they arrive. We will contact you with an expected delivery date and keep you notified of any changes.

What is a 'waiting list' service?

This is another example of how we go the extra mile to get you the shoes you really want. If your preferred shoe is sold out in your size/colour then get in touch with us and ask to be put on the waiting list...we will call you if a pair is returned by a customer. There is no obligation but also no guarantees, just a promise that we will care enough to call.

How do I dry my shoes after getting soaked in the rain?

With the exception of gumboots, most shoes and boots don't like getting wet. If you find yourself caught out and racing through the rain and puddles, here are some helpful tips to getting your shoes dried off.

  1. Get out of the wet shoes as soon as possible.
  2. Stuff the shoes with newspaper to absorb moisture. Change the newspaper each time if gets wet through.
  3. Dry the shoes slowly away from direct heat sources (open fire, woodburners, heaters).
  4. Apply a shoe cream after the shoes have dried to protect and restore the leather.
How do I care for my shoes?

Shoes look and feel better with a bit of TLC. Taking a bit of time to care for your shoes often results in you looking better in them and the shoes wearing better and lasting longer.

Apply a protective coating of either suede spray or neutral shoe cream to your shoes right away to reduce marks and retain colour. Leather needs shoe cream and suede / nubuck needs suede spray. Patent already has sufficient protection so you don't need to do anything.

* Please note that some things like oil are going to mark your shoes no matter what you do - so don't fry bacon in your suede boots!

Here are a few other easy tips:

  • Avoid wearing the same shoes day after day - shoes need a chance to air and dry out.
  • Use shoe trees (available online and in our stores) - they help to air shoes and smooth out wrinkles to restore shape.
  • Use boot trees (available online and in our stores) - they help to air your boots and keep them smooth and straight, especially around the ankle area where boots can sag over time. If you don't have any boot trees you can make your own by rolling up and taping two old high gloss magazines.
  • Keep your shoes on a shelf, in their boxes, in shoe bags (not plastic) or neatly by your door. Resist the urge to throw them into the wardrobe when you take them off.
How do I clean and protect my shoes?

Leather: Apply neutral or colour-matched cream to protect and moisturise the leather. Use a nugget to restore the colour.

Leather soles: Leather soles are very comfortable to wear but they can wear more quickly than man-made soles.
We recommend taking leather soled shoes to a good cobbler so sole and heel covers can be applied before wear.
TIP *It's recommended that you wear leather soled shoes a couple of time to scuff the sole a bit before you take them to the cobbler - it creates a better surface to adhere the new protective soles.

Patent: Patent leather is normal leather with a top layer over the leather to provide a high-shine finish. Protect the patent coating by applying a specialist patent cleaning and shining cream (available online and in our stores).

Suede: Suede is a type of leather. It is generally softer and less resistant to water and moisture than normal leather. Apply a suede protector spray before wear to protect against spills. Avoid wearing suede in the rain. Remove any dirt after it has dried, using a suede brush. Do not use shoe creams or nuggets on suede. Shoe dye can be used to restore colour but be careful to ensure an even colouring - not spots!.

Nubuck: Apply a suede protector spray before wear to protect against spills. Avoid wearing nubuck in the rain. Do not use shoe creams or nuggets on nubuck. Remove any dirt, after it has dried, using a suede brush. Shoe dye can be used to restore colour but be careful to ensure you apply an even colouring as above.

Still have a question you would like answered?

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