Be fashion inspired at any age...and buy the red sole boots!

Be fashion inspired at any age...and buy the red sole boots!

(4 minute inspirational read to lift your day)

If you ever needed a nudge to be bolder and have more fun in your life, to avoid falling into the age trap of looking older than you feel, to be more creative and playful with your fashion - in a way that makes you and others feel positive and more confident...look no further than Lynne. 

An icon of style at Willow Shoes, Lynne is in her 7th decade and is always re-inventing and creating styles with our shoes that are uplifting and full of fun. Every season we wonder what she will choose to wear. Lynne spotted and styled this Cloudy/Navy 'Lonzo' boot as soon as it arrived - and needless to say, it's sold out thanks to her persuasion and inspiration! 

Lynne is a woman with a special character who believes you are never too old to enjoy fashion. She says 'age for me will never be an excuse to give up on fashion and feeling good about myself. Being a size 46, and not having shoes, limited what I wore. I have always loved clothes and fashion, even when I couldn't wear it because of no shoes'.  

Lynne is tall like many who visit Willow Shoes. She holds her height beautifully and elegantly. Every day instore she has customers asking for flats and explaining they're getting away from heels. Her reply is 'I am 70 and I am just getting into heels, because I can get them now'.

Some of Lynne's favourite shoe brands include DJANGO & JULIETTE, BRESLEY and the recently returned Spanish brand DANSI.

When Lynne first applied to work with us, she made an immediate impression, arriving in a stunning hot pink jacket and her signature glasses. Her passion for our store full of shoes in longer sizes was obvious right away. 

For Lynne, her role at Willow Shoes was something that came later in life for fun. Having previously worked in mostly male environments, dressing up for work has now become a joy. 'The night before work, I lie in bed planning what I will wear to work, I pick clothes out, hang them on the back of the door, then the next morning, I get up and put on something completely different!' (LOL)

Lynne shares her style tips saying 'it doesn't matter where your inspiration comes from - K-Mart, H&M, The Warehouse or designer brands'. It's putting it all together that's fun, mixing and matching. She also credits her style to women of a certain era being clever at adding extra touches to a top or a dress and being able to adapt it to fit or match with some shoes or a hat. That's how things were done and it's a creative talent worth learning.

Spending five minutes in Lynne's company will change you. She will gently sway your thinking and have you going home to re-visit your wardrobe and how you put your look together. Lynne spent several decades with no Willow Shoes in sight, deprived of stylish shoes AND of shoes that fit. She is now making up for that every day!

Be more adventurous and have more fun, buy the red sole boots and turn heads at any age. Below is Lynne's latest love..the newest arrival by DANSI - style SAVANNAH. The return of this brand has hit us by storm and with Lynne inspiring us all, you'll need to be quick!