ZIERA | The Brand Wide Feet Love

ZIERA | The Brand Wide Feet Love

When something you love is taken away, you tend to appreciate it more than before. That's definitely the case with Ziera. This long standing shoe brand had become the cornerstone of many women's wardrobes - especially for women with wide feet in New Zealand and Australia. Our outdoor climate and casual barefoot lifestyles have resulted in some wider feet in both countries.

When news came out in 2019 that Ziera was closing all stores there were gasps of disbelief and shouts of 'where will I get my shoes now?'. How could such a popular brand not be there anymore?

Luckily, an Australian based shoe company saw the love women had for this brand and stepped in. We're already impressed with how they've kept the best and improved on the rest...read on to find out what you can expect from the refreshed version of this well loved brand...now available at Willow Shoes.


What's changed? You will love the new look of Ziera shoes and you can be reassured the fitting is as good as it ever was. Ziera was always a brand for WIDE FEET and that hasn't changed at all. Every pair is designed to fit a wide foot. Ziera considers a C width to be average (C is wide for other brands) so this is their start point...some Ziera styles are wider than this. All styles have removable footbeds and some come with forefoot inserts so you can adjust the fit to suit average to very wide feet. More on that below.

For anyone with orthotics, this is your brand. Simply remove the Ziera footbeds and pop in your orthotics. Some people find the shoes with Ziera footbeds and inserts provide the support they need without having to switch to their orthotics.


A renewed focus on quality and design has made Ziera styles more appealing to more women...while still keeping comfort and fit close to the heart. There are subtle changes and improvements everywhere - more colour choices, better quality leathers, slightly more refined and appealing toe shapes and soles on many styles. 


Ziera always had a good size range, including our larger sizes. Ziera now goes up to size 45. We have found their size 45 is really generous and because it's wider, it can fit a size 13 in some cases. The inclusion of great fitting larger sizes is really good news for Willow Shoes customers. This winter's collection has proven to be a lovely consistent fitting and has given us confidence to increase our selection for you. We plan to increase our range in coming seasons and will generally start our sizes from 42. Our customers appreciation that we have this brand has told us we need to make room on our shelves for more!

Many styles come with free inserts so you can tailor the fit to your foot. We love the extra care and thought that has gone into this brand around fitting. You can remove the main insole and create more room for orthotics and more depth for high arches or very wide feet. The flexibility around fitting choice is fantastic. Along with this choice, you can be confident the insoles will help support your feet and especially your arches. Caring for your feet and making them feel happy and comfortable will literally put a smile on your face every time.               


But there is more you will love too...not only are the shoes and boots the most comfortable ever...each pair comes in the prettiest pink box! When you're a shoe lover you know you've gone to the next level when you get excited about a great shoe box and we have to admit that is us!  These boxes are a beautiful quality which reflects the quality of the brand. The raspberry pink lid and soft pink box are in a firm textured cardboard with Ziera beautifully stamped in metallic on the lid and....THEY ARE ACTUALLY BIG ENOUGH FOR OUR LONGER SIZES! Seriously...this is a good sign! Some brands just 'stuff' size 13 shoes into a size 9 shoe box with a 'she'll be right' attitude. Hmm! It's especially bad when it's a size 13 ankle boot. We think it's these 'little things' that demonstrate Ziera's real care for every customer who chooses to buy a pair of their shoes. 

We hope the refreshed Ziera makes you feel as happy as we do. Welcome back to this NZ icon and the passion they have for looking after our outdoor lifestyle feet.