Wide Feet? 10 Tips to make shoe shopping easy

Wide Feet? 10 Tips to make shoe shopping easy

Most women with wide feet think shoe shopping is hard and they're not going to find anything.  Oh how wrong you are...we have seen that a few clever tricks can open up your possibilities and will have you shopping more optimistically.   Read on...
Tip #1 Find a shop assistant who REALLY wants to help you. Patience will be needed at first because you need to start trying on different sizes until you get your feet into something and feel comfortable... and go from there. At Willow Shoes we know we have more sizes for you and this gives you more options...we are always optimistic about wide feet.
Tip #2   Have it in your mind that your feet will not fit the same shoe size every time. You're not going to be someone that can say "I'm a size 11".  You'll be more likely to say...I'm about a size 11, but sometimes an 11.5 or a 12. Shoe brands can vary in depth, length and width so you may need to try more sizes on to get that comfortable fit. Half or even a full size up in some styles will make a world of difference and in most cases we’ve got those sizes for you to try.
Tip #3 Ask for a sheer stocking while you're trying on new shoes…it really helps you get into shoes when they're new and firm. Bare feet can cling to leather and won't help when you're already a snug fit. Don’t use socks - that slight thickness makes a huge difference. You’re still going to feel some tightness but quality leather shoes always ‘give’ a little.


Tip #4 Look in the mirror and make sure the shoes looks balanced for your height and body shape. Sometimes those extra 2 sizes can get out of proportion. This is more common with flat or pointy shoes than heels.


Tip #5 How tight is alright? Our basic rule of thumb for making that big decision for new shoes. When you think you’ve found ‘the one’, put both shoes on and walk around the store… if after a minute they’re feeling better - buy them. But if you get pain and can’t wait to get them off… ask for a bigger size or don’t buy them.


Tip #6 Avoid seams at your widest point.  Depending on the final fit, any constant pressure on a seam can split the seam or rub on your foot. Hoping for 'a little give' anywhere near a seam isn't a good idea!


Tip #7 Look for ‘short points’ and avoid very long pointy shoes.  The shoe below is a short point. Because you generally need to go up a size for some width, having extra long points can make them seem out of balance. Your foot will not fit far enough into the shoe either, so the shoe will bend and you could trip.  We also find that a lovely short point is very flattering on a woman's leg.

Tip #8 A diagonally cut top line is the most flattering on a wide foot.  Avoid a straight cut across shoes which can make your foot look squarer and emphasise your width instead.


Tip #9 Look for any style with laces, velcro or elastic.  These features will always give you more fitting adjustment.  Shoe-makers are getting really clever at adding elements like this that look gorgeous and include them as a design feature.

Tip #10 Choose leathers and materials that feel soft to your skin. There is nothing like beautiful soft leather. Avoid harder patent leathers (some patents are softer than others) and non-leather/synthetic shoes which don’t tend to give. Man-made materials tend to just rip under pressure.

Have more tips?   Comment below and share your experiences.  We hope you enjoy shoe shopping.