The Search for COLOUR!

The Search for COLOUR!

The Search for Colour (3 minute read)

Enjoy this short and easy read that looks back at colour choice – and lack of choice – when Willow Shoes was starting out.

Take a little trip down memory lane and find out how much has changed!

Discover the best ways to find shoes, boots and sandals in the colours you like.

Looking Back…

It’s fair to say Willow Shoes has come a long way in twenty years! It’s surprising to see and remember how much has changed since Georgie started Willow Shoes from a dining table in a rented flat in Wellington.

The first challenge was all about finding shoes in longer sizes…size NZ10 (EU42) and above. Quality and comfort were important…but it wasn’t until later that exciting colours started showing up.

Initially the shoe tours and catalogues offered styles for longer feet but there weren’t many styles…and most were black! These styles came from an even smaller number of manufacturers.

Starting out, getting larger sizes was just one challenge Georgie needed to overcome!

As business confidence grew and as more people found out about Willow Shoes, doors opened and Georgie was able to find more manufacturers, suppliers and styles to meet a growing demand for gorgeous shoes, boots and sandals in bigger sizes and more colours.

As Willow Shoes grew, styles started to become available in more colours

With each new season Willow Shoes has grown, adapted and responded to requests for great brands, styles and sizes. Fast forward to 2021 and we have a stunning range of all kinds of boots, shoes, sneakers, flats, heels, sandals and slippers from long established and emerging brands that share our passion for shoes for long feet.

Today we see a rainbow of colours on offer across a diverse range of styles…and we now feel spoilt for choice!

Choose your style, choose your colour – a bigger range of styles and colours makes this possible – something we love and take as a given. It wasn’t the case when Willow Shoes began.

This stunning new season Josef Seibel boot sold out within days. Did you miss out?

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How to Find Shoes in Your Favourite Colour

Want to have some fun with colour on your feet?

Looking for that perfect pair to match a favourite outfit?

Find your favourite colour shoes using the colour filter on our website. Every style is coded to one of these base colours to help you find the shoes you want.


Snapshot of a Search for the Colour ORANGE

Looking Forward…

We have an everchanging range of beautiful shoes to fit our longer, larger feet. We’re often told that finding Willow Shoes and coming into one of our stores is like walking into a candy store…you find yourself surrounded by colours and choices like never before…and your eyes don’t know where to look first! It’s a wonderful compliment…and that feeling of excitement and possibilities is something we always want to offer and share with you.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or discovered us along the way, thank you – and we look forward to always helping you to find your perfect pair xx

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We love to receive your comments, feedback and tips.