Babouche Lifestyle loafers in Hi Shine leather

Livin' la vie da loafers!

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I'm thrilled to share my enthusiasm with you for an all-time favourite…the everlasting, forever smart and practical, always in style loafer!


I. Am. In. Shoe. Heaven.

Test driving Moda di Fausto Loretta loafers in Black White Rae loafers in Ivory leather by Babouche Lifestyle Trying on Babouche Lifestyle Reanne and Rizzo loafers

And...I want to share this happiness with all of you. My overall style leans towards classic - so I'm usually drawn to shoes and boots that aren't the first ones off the shelves. This changed the moment I saw the loafers. Bear with me…

I realised that I should share this with you - because great loafers are share-worthy :) Don't worry; I’ve already checked; there are enough to share – this season there are loafers out there for all of us with long, large feet. In fact, many of you (like me) will be tempted by more than one pair. There are enough for all of us! Stay calm and I’ll guide you (just a little) through the loafers so far. If you’re not (yet) a loafer lover, keep going - a few more words and even you might be feeling different😊

First up, the brand called Babouche Lifestyle. This quality European brand is getting attention and has gone all out this season with a dream range of stylish loafers with chunky heels. Beautiful leathers, superb fit, quality detailing, excellent finishing.

Rizzo Black tassle loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rizzo Ivory tassle loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rae Dusty Rose Suede link chain loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rae Burgundy link chain loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rae Ivory link chain loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rain Black Hi Shine chain loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Rain Green Hi Shine chain loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle Reanne Black Hi Shine bar loafer for long feet by Babouche Lifestyle

Second. For those of you blessed with long, large feet that are also wider than average, check out the loafers called Rae and Rizzo. Both are a tad softer than the others because they’re made with suede and softer grainy leather.

Rae loafer in Dusty Pink Suede is beautifully soft Rizzo tassle loafer in Ivory leather Rizzo Black tassle loafer in grainy leather

Third. It's a fact that those with narrow feet have more challenges finding shoes than those with average or wide feet, regardless of the size. Another reason I’m excited about loafers is Pinto di Blu has a style called Sarina that is well-suited to narrow to average width feet. This European brand never compromises - styling and finishing on this brand is always impeccable. Pinto di Blu shoes are made in Portugal – and the combination of patent and leather is divine and surprisingly soft. If you tend to write-off shoes with patent leather because you think tight or hard or uncomfortable, I encourage you to take a closer look at these ones.

 Pinto di Blu Serina loafer in Black patent and leather Pinto di Blu brand Serina loafer in White patent and leather Serina loafer made in Portugal by Pinto di Blu

Fourth. Moda di Fausto. The Italians are here. At Willow Shoes (the style is called Loretta). Made in Italy. All Leather. Need I say more?

Loretta by Italian brand Moda di Fausto Loretta all leather loafer by Moda di Fausto. Made in Italy

Fifth. Sizing. The loafer sizing and fit is good for long feet. Your feedback and our test fitting indicates you can order your usual European size (my feet are wider than average so I need to size up on the Pinto di Blu Sarina loafer but the others fit in my usual size). Most loafers are in European sizes, ranging from 42-45. This generally equates to NZ10/10.5-12.5.

Reanne Black Hi Shine loafers look smart, practical and super stylish on long feet

So, go on…enjoy loafers while they are having their time in the spotlight. Maybe you’ll find yourself falling in love 😊 Who knows? This could be the beginning of a long loafer friendship.

Rain Green Hi Shine loafers with chunky heels and beautful finishing Willow Shoes staffer who loves loafers  Babouche Lifestyle Rae loafers in European sizes 42 to 45

Until next time, thanks for reading. Please feel free to get in touch with your feedback and comments...Livin' la vie da loafers :)

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