How to Clean White Shoe Soles

How to Clean White Shoe Soles

Two Easy Ways to Clean White Soles on Shoes

We’re often asked for the best way to clean white soled shoes. Life’s adventures mean sometimes you’ll need to give your shoes a little spruce up.


Here are two easy ways…

Simple baking soda and white vinegar method

This three step method is often all you need. Try it with ‘ingredients’ you probably already have.

  1. Get baking soda, white vinegar, small container, old toothbrush and clean white cloth (an old t-shirt will do; muslin is good).
  2. Make a baking soda and white vinegar paste in the container and apply it to the white soles with the old toothbrush. Leave the paste on for a few minutes to dry.
  3. Remove paste with the toothbrush and rub the shoes clean with the white cloth (dampened with water).


 Easy make-up remover method

In a real hurry or on the go? Try using make-up remover. Use the pre-moistened wipes on the soles of your shoes or apply the make-up remover from the bottle using a soft white cloth or white tissues. Use your nail to push the wipe/cloth into the sole pattern and grooves.

Need some more advice? Try the SHOE CARE section in our website FAQs. It has other tips and tricks for cleaning different types of shoes FAQs – Willow Shoes

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