Embrace Chunky Shoe Styles with Confidence | Find out how

Embrace Chunky Shoe Styles with Confidence | Find out how

We LOVE chunky styles at Willow Shoes. Let's help you unleash your fashion potential by embracing chunky shoe styles with confidence.

When it comes to footwear, chunky sole style have recently taken the fashion world by storm. Whether it's loafers, sneakers, or boots, this look offers a blend of comfort, versatility, and an undeniable edgy style. At Willow Shoes, we believe in empowering our customers to express themselves through fashion, regardless of their shoe size. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of styling chunky shoes and debunking the myth that they make your feet look bigger or compromise femininity. It's time to embrace chunky shoes with confidence!

CHUNKY LOAFERS can be a game-changer for those who worry about their feet looking bigger. Surprised? Here's how to style them with finesse:

a. Proportions Matter: When wearing chunky loafers, pay attention to proportions. Opt for trousers with a slightly cropped or tapered fit to create a balanced silhouette. Add a chunky knit up top and you'll be balanced and beautifully styled. On the flip side, a long wide leg trouser is also the perfect match for a chunky loafer. Always remember, we are in proportion overall and tend to be taller or larger, so this larger shoe actually works really well for us.



b. Feminine Touch: Enhance the femininity of chunky loafers by pairing them with flowy skirts or dresses. Opt for a high-waisted option to elongate the legs. This combination showcases a unique blend of elegance and contemporary flair.

c. Neutral Palette: Choosing chunky loafers in neutral tones, such as black, tan, or white, can create a streamlined and elongated effect. Pair them with monochromatic outfits or neutral color palettes to maintain a cohesive and sophisticated look.



On to CHUNKY SNEAKERS which have become a fashion staple, and they're not just for those with smaller feet. Here's how to embrace them confidently:

a. Colour Confidence: Don't shy away from bold colours and patterns when it comes to chunky sneakers. Embrace vibrant hues, metallic accents, or eye-catching prints. There is an edgy cool vibe that comes from embracing these sneakers and showing off your fearless fashion sense. No point in hiding your new found confidence!


b. Balance is Key: When styling chunky sneakers, balance is crucial. Opt for fitted or cropped bottoms, such as skinny jeans or ankle-length pants, to create a streamlined look. This balances out the chunkiness of the sneakers and maintains a more proportionate appearance. Revealing your ankles is a feminine touch too.

c. Embrace Athleisure: Chunky sneakers effortlessly lend themselves to the trendy athleisure style. Pair them with leggings, joggers, or biker shorts for a comfortable yet fashion-forward ensemble. Layer with oversized hoodies, bomber jackets, or a sporty blazer for a touch of urban chic.


CHUNKY BOOTS are the epitome of edgy style, and they can be worn by anyone with confidence. Here's how to rock them:

a. Confidence is Key: Chunky boots exude a bold and powerful vibe. Embrace this confidence by wearing them with pride. Remember, your footwear choice does not define your femininity. It's all about how you carry yourself and the attitude you exude. To offset this power boot, wear pink, a skirt or layer those jewels and beads up top. Be creative and have fun.

b. Play with Proportions: When styling chunky boots, consider pairing them with feminine and flowy pieces. Opt for a delicate dress or a skirt with a soft silhouette. This contrast creates a visually interesting outfit that showcases both strength and grace.
c. Layering Magic: Chunky boots are ideal for creating layered looks. Pair them with opaque tights, chunky knit sweaters, and oversized coats for a cozy and fashion-forward ensemble. This combination adds depth and dimension to your outfit while keeping you warm during colder months.
At Willow Shoes, we understand the concerns some customers may have about their shoe size and how chunky styles might accentuate it. However, it's important to remember that fashion knows no boundaries. Embrace your unique style and break free from societal stereotypes. Chunky shoes can be styled in a way that enhances your individuality and confidence. Believe in your ability to create stylish ensembles that make a statement. So, step into the world of chunky shoes with an open mind and a dash of self-assurance. It's time to unleash your fashion potential too.