Don't be afraid of Suede

Don't be afraid of Suede

Did that headline surprise you too? This statement had the same impact on us when we first heard it and after years of caring for our shoes, we have actually had a total flip on our 'fear of suede' and thought it's time we shared it with on and perhaps you might change your mind.

We've heard it many times from our customers...'they're beautiful and I love them, but I don't think I can look after that suede'. Perhaps, now we can change your mind.....


UNBEATABLE ELEGANCE & BEAUTY  -  it's starts with falling in love! This very tactile and deeply coloured material is the reason you pick up these shoes in the first place right?  It's the luxurious texture and intensely true depth of colour that only suede has.  Black suede is the blackest of blacks and we think it always has more elegance about it. A close second is a gorgeous patent perhaps. Black suede shoes are perfect when a dramatic evening option is needed. And let's not forget show-stopping colours like pink, red, purple or navy...their tone and depth of colour is so vibrant in suede. 

TAKE THE WORRY AWAY & WATER-PROOF YOUR SUEDE SHOES RIGHT FROM THE only takes a minute and this prevents stains from setting in if something spills on them, then makes ongoing cleaning a whole lot easier. We will even spray your shoes for free to get you started.  We then recommend you re-spray them 1-2 times a year depending on how often you wear them. You can purchase this brand of suede spray from our store... Woly Protector Spray.  It does have a strong smell so we suggest spraying outside and pointing away from your face, then leave your shoes to dry in an open air space.

THE RAIN ISSUE - everyone mentions it. There's a belief that it's far worse to get suede shoes wet than leather ones - we disagree. It's actually an issue for most shoes unless they're a gumboot! No shoe loves a lot of rain and should be thoroughly dried when you get caught out. The issue for suede is minimising any water marks and its super easy to prevent that with a quick spray of a quality water-proofing product as soon as you purchase them just as we suggested above. 

If you get your suede shoes or boots wet, place them in a dry and warm place to allow them to dry properly. The surface wont crack like some coated leathers or patents can - another win for suede you might not have realised!

CLEANING IS ACTUALLY'll need to invest in a suede brush like this one   Suede Brush but its not a big outlay and you'll have it for years.   Your brush quickly removes dry dirt, smoothing and restoring scuffs and marks to bring up the lovely suede nap after some wear. Always do this when the shoes are dry. No nugget under your nails!

RESTORING COLOUR IS A LOT EASIER....all shoes get some damage spots and scuffs but because suede is an uncoated finish, it's actually a lot easier to add colour back into your shoes. Leather shoes begin as a suede type finish, are dyed and then coated with a film that gives the smooth finish, but this film is difficult to penetrate with colour. Suede on the other hand can be brushed up, and a liquid dye can be added to re-colour and will easily penetrate and be blended into your shoes - almost like new.  Tip | Always do a ittle test on the inside od the boot first.


YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOUR SO EASILY! Be creative and re-colour your suede shoes easily. Yes you can dye leather but it's a whole lot easier dyeing suede because you don't need to strip the top finish coat off first. Liquid dyes are available at most shoe repair stores and are quite affordable. Around $15 per colour. The only limitation is going from dark to light, its much easier the other way around!

We hope this helps you have a little more confidence to let yourself fall in love with Suede next time.  Every shoe needs care no matter what the material - its just a matter of knowing how.