Best Shopping Advice for Long Feet

Best Shopping Advice for Long Feet

Best Shopping Advice for Long Feet (3 minute read)

How many times have you fallen in love with a pair of shoes only to find they don’t fit your feet or your size has sold out? More than twice? Read on!

We aim to build confidence for women with feet outside the ‘normal’ size range. We offer great styles that fit AND feel comfortable to make you feel amazing. We’ve gathered our top tips for shopping with your head and your heart – your feet will thank you 😊

Accepting the feet you have

Feet are personal and nobody knows their feet as well as you do. Don't fret about your thankful for them; they work hard for you on a daily basis.

  • Shoes are like clothes – different styles and brands fit differently. It’s not uncommon to be one size in one brand or style of shoe, and a bigger or smaller size in another...especially when you consider the intended look and feel of the shoes.
  • Size is just a number so don’t get hung up on it! Focus on style, fit and comfort rather than the size on the shoe.

Now you’re ready…let’s help you find your perfect pair 😊

Our Top Tips For Finding Shoes You Love AND Feel Amazing In

Shopping in one of our stores

Try on lots of different styles and sizes. Seeing and feeling is believing!

Ask us for suggestions – we love shoes and we love helping people.

Ask us for help or advice - we have years of experience, we know our brands and we know our stock.

We try on ALL our shoes so we know how they fit…it’s one of the perks of the job and we love it because it means we’re well placed to help you 😊

Shopping online at Willow Shoes

Browse our range for inspiration. 

Measure your feet – it’s easy and only takes a moment. Feet do change - if you’ve never measured your feet, or haven’t done it for several years, do it – you might be surprised. See our FAQs page for how to measure your feet at home.

Search and filter by new arrivals, colour, brand, style, heel height, orthotic friendly or size to focus your search.



Check individual styles for close up images and specific product information such as heel height, shoe width and calf width (long boots).


Check our FAQs page - where we answer our most commonly asked questions and offer more information about sizing, ordering, our stores and shoe care.


Get in touch with us – phone us, email us or reach us via Facebook or Instagram.

We hear ‘I wish I’d come in earlier’ and ‘I wish my size hadn’t sold out’ quite a lot. Don’t miss out again. Sign up for emails or check our website regularly to stay up to date with new arrivals, sales and other happenings.


Hopefully now you’re ready to find a pair to love AND to feel amazing in…you can shop with your heart, your head AND your feet 😊

We’re here to help you…what are you waiting for?!