Beautiful Long Boots are Back in Style

Beautiful Long Boots are Back in Style

The search for long boots is often a very deliberate one; the boots need to reflect your style - so it's like finding a great handbag - a signature piece. 

This winter, for the first time in almost a decade, we're seeing long boots again. For many years we have literally not been seeing them available to us. Style trends always influence what is on offer - and for a long time now, the ankle boot has out styled the long boot.


There's a shift back to wearing skirts and a nod to the retro style of the 70's. Both these things perfectly align with a great pair of boots. Our collection this winter is a great start, and we expect to see more and more styles emerge in coming seasons.

THE FEELING YOU GET when you zip up a long boot is like nothing else. There's the sense of true winter style; they add a polish to your look and a confidence to your stride. Most women buy black first and then perhaps move on to adding a colour. We are noticing TAN is popular as it works so well with the gorgeous winter colours in style right now.

DO YOU WORRY BOOTS WON'T ZIP UP YOUR LEG? WE'VE GOT YOU SORTED You're not alone in this feeling and our envelope research from years on the shop floor tells us about half of New Zealand women need a boot with some calf adjustment. This thought alone can put you off trying...but we have so many options for you. Our collection will always include styles with stretch or clever designs that can adjust for different calf widths. That's a promise.

When you're shopping online, our website now organises long boots into calf widths to help you...and our FAQs have some great tips for getting your new long boots zipped up at home.



WHAT ABOUT SLIM LEGS? Yes, we have you covered too. This can be a problem for some very tall women, making long boots feel like 'gumboots'. If you have thinner legs, look at boots made with all stretch materials - they often sit better on your legs and stay up. European brands also tend to have a slimmer profile.

EVER THOUGHT ABOUT GETTING YOUR BOOTS ADJUSTED BY A BOOTMAKER? This can work very successfully for some boot styles. If the boots have simple seams, you may be able to have them altered. However, there is a catch - altering boots can be costly - and once altered, we cannot accept any returns. It's best to discuss what's possible and get a quote first (we may be able to recommend a bootmaker near you) - if the job is too complex or or it's too costly, you can return the boots for a refund.

HOW LONG IS LONG? Many of our customers are tall - naturally long boots aren't as long on tall women as they are on her shorter friends! This season we have one super long and stunning boot from Portugal. It looks great over jeans or with a suede mini skirt...check it out here, the PINTO DI BLU - POPPY



  • ZIP FACT Everyone worries they will break the zip!
  • ZIP TRICK 1 Sit down to try on long boots. Sitting down helps your calf to relax and soften, making it easier to zip the boot up, even if it's a bit tight the first time.
  • ZIP TRICK 2 While sitting down, as you pull the zip up, use your finger to help push the zipper mechanism up while you're pulling it up. Use your other hand to hold the boot sides together at the top - this reduces strain on the zipper.
  • ZIP TRICK 3 While sitting down, run a piece of string through the zip puller and use it to pull the zipper up. Use your other hand to hold the boot sides together at the top - to reduce strain on the zipper.

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