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A Summer Like No Other…

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It’s shaping up to be a summer like no other – for all sorts of reasons. The big issues are still here - and will be for a while yet. So as we approach the year-end, holidays and New Zealand's ‘summer’, there’s plenty to reflect on and look forward to...but let's try to remember the basics and enjoy each day. Live in the moment. Stay focused on the things we love - family, friends...and sandals :) Whether you're on staycation or holidaying in a different part of this beautiful country, having gorgeous sandals on your feet should help spark your day!



In spite of everything this year, it's still an amazing sandal season. Our brands, suppliers and couriers have worked hard to deliver a range of styles to make you look and feel good.


Already summer sorted? Hooray! Missing out is not fun, and it makes us sad when we hear about it.

If you're not yet summer sorted though – relax and don't worry. It's ok...we still have new styles arriving and there is still time. Treat yourself to a little ‘me’ time so you can browse when it suits you – remember our website is always open.

Below are a few tips you may find helpful.


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Are you blessed with wider feet? Try our new For Wide Feet collection. It’s not an exact science but when we find a style that works well for wider than average feet – you’ll find it in here.

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Whatever you’re planning this season, relax, unwind and enjoy a little ‘you’ time…you deserve it 😊